Business after COVID 19

It almost seems impossible to think right now of the resuming of the business after COVID 19 calamity is over and we will be back to our routine. The world has almost stopped and we are only concentrating on maintaining the personal hygiene, maintaining social distancing and observing a complete lock-down as directed by the government. But I feel it is very much necessary to start thinking on what next?? What after COVID 19 is gone?? In whichever business you are, you need to utilise this time available to plan for the future. The strategies that you need to adopt to so as to bring the business back to "normal" in the shortest possible time. The owners and the employees ( mainly the senior employees) need to start talking about it. It is very important that we start thinking about the customer orders are anticipated and the readiness that we have to execute them. Think of all the resources needed like material, machines, money, human resource - the most important of all. W